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The Best Three Jackets for Women’s Fashion This Winter

The Best Three Jackets for Women’s Fashion This Winter


The exhilarating world of women’s fashion. So much to see, so much to do and so much to wear. But within this so much sometimes we get overwhelmed and end up picking the worst things to wear making our overall appeal a bit lackluster. A staple in any wardrobe is leather. Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy. Good leather will last you a lifetime and make you look fancier with every wear. Leather is easy, leather is fancy and honestly leather just works with everything. Casual or formal. It works with everything you own. You can party up in leather and you can also look professional while doing it. Point being, leather doesn’t disappoint.

The fashion trends towards leather has been a bit on the down low in previous years but leather is making a huge come back this year and my oh my, you would not be disappointed with the iconic looks it has been getting form the leads in the fashion industry. They can’t hold their excitement in anymore. Many big brands have already started featuring leather in their main fashion shows. The fashion week in Paris the previous year showcased so many leather centric attires with certain sections of the show being exclusively based on leather jackets, trench coats and overalls.

Since leather is making a huge come back this year as well, let’s take a look on some of the best leather jackets in town. Starting off with the classics of course.

The Classic Biker Jacket

The most iconic of all leather jackets. The classic biker leather jacket is the one that has popularizes the idea of a femme fatal in pop culture. This jacket should be your go to jacket for any party ever. The design this jacket follows is very simple, yet it is one of the most captivating designs in the leather jacket market. Its overall aesthetic is very rebellious and mysterious and hence why it has been such a favorite for many around the globe. You can look like the most rebellious of women while still looking feminine in the most curious way possible.

The Sophisticated Professional

The sophisticated professional French styled leather jackets are just as iconic as the city of Paris made with the finest of leather and the most elegant of designs. This professional jacket is for all of your professional needs. The Sophisticated Professional leather jacket design is so versatile that you can really wear it with anything and everything. If you prefer the French feminine look you can do that with a simple skirt and a white plain tee. Want to go for something more professional? Try wearing it with your professional trousers and a floral shirt. Point being, this high-end professional look will never ever let you down.

The Long Fitted Padded Shoulder Leather Blazer

Aren’t these trendy. The Long Fitted Padded Shoulder Leather Blazer is one of a kind when it comes to leather fashion. The iconic design is so mesmerizing that once you wear this, you would not want to wear anything else. The design follows the simpler pattern used for designing and developing trench coats. The only difference is the material it is made up from is leather, which means unlike trench coats made of wool, this one would actually last you a life time. The Long Fitted Padded Shoulder Leather Blazer is a one-time investment in terms of its durability and is a life time access to the best look possible because of its fashion value. The way the Long Fitted Padded Shoulder Leather Blazer works is by you minimizing your effort on other aspects of your wardrobe. You can use the Long Fitted Padded Shoulder Leather Blazer as standalone shirt, or as mini dress. You can pair it up with long sleeves plain shirts and high waisted jeans or you can use it as an overall for your crop top and knee length skirt. The point is that you can style this jacket casually, professionally and even in a more glamour focused manner.


These are three trendiest designs in the world of leather this year, and many experts in the fashion industry believes that no one can make these designs less trendy. If you are looking for some great leather designs of this year, go to Leather Apparel’s online store now and get the best jackets in town.