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The Foxiest Faux Jackets for You to Buy This Winter Season

The Foxiest Faux Jackets for You to Buy This Winter Season

The Foxiest Faux Jackets for You to Buy This Winter Season


Faux jackets, they are such a hybrid when you really think about them. They are mostly what many would describe the best of both worlds. These jackets are very unique in their approach towards their design and flexibility and overall look and feel. A Faux leather jacket isn’t made up of pure leather, it is made up of synthetic material that looks and mimic the leather design and overall aesthetic. The reason why this jacket has gained popularity over the years is because of its hybrid design which is a mix of oversized fur looking collars with the slim and fitted leather like design. But this is not the only reason. Another reason why this jacket is so popular is because its vegan. The vegan trend has been going steady for about more than 10 years now and it has affected many aspects both in fashion and in pop culture.

But there are just so many designs in faux jackets that the overwhelmness felt by the customer is understandable. But you really do not have to worry, because in this blog post the objective is to present you with the best and most functional faux jackets available in the market. These jackets will not only upgrade your style but will also make you look dame fine. So without further ado, here are our picks for the foxiest faux jacket designs.



Classy and badass this faux jacket is perhaps the most popular of faux jackets in the world. Its design is based on Russian style winter coats with a fleece oversized collar and inner jacket lining as well as a slim fitted leather like design on the outside. The inside of the jacket because it is made of fleece which gives it a feel of a soft pillow hug. This jacket is by far one of the most comfortable jackets in the world.


Simple Collar Design Inspired

This one is unique in it approach towards its design as the collar of this jacket are not really made out of fleece neither are they overtly oversized. This is a very simple design and is inspired by the winter fashion from Scandinavia specifically from Sweden. The whole jacket is made out of leather like synthetic material and follows a plain design approach. This jacket is normally paired with white tees and ripped jeans.


The Sleek Shape Matte Jacket

The sleek shape matter jacket is a new take on old vintage leather shine designs. This jacket has a matte like outer design and because it is made out of leather like material the jacket’s overall look is slim fitted however the leather like material is very shiny almost like matte makeup shades, giving this a very sleek look. Normally these jackets are very slim fitted but sometimes these can be a bit over sized as well.


The Brown Faux Biker Jacket

The brown faux biker jacket follows the classic biker leather jacket design. This design is unique in its execution because this jacket follows a very straight forward design. Tight fitted with medium size coat collars. The brown faux leather jacket takes a spin on the classic black biker leather jacket. One new aspect for this jacket is that this has an inner lining of wool like material which gives it an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Another thing that makes this faux leather jacket edgeier is its sand like brown color. This color along with the overall design and execution makes it the perfect fit for any rebellious occasion.

The Hooded Faux Jacket

This is last in our list but certainly not the least this jacket is the most stylish and the more comfortable jackets of all time. This faux styled hooded jacket has become a true hybrid between your casual day to day, comfortable and oversized hoodie with your fashionable slim fitted leather jackets. These are made with fleece hoods and has a fleece inner lining which makes the interior very comfy while the outer layer is made up with matte faux leather. This matte look blends in very well with the oversize fleece hood. The traditional color for this jacket is black with the hood being of the color dark brown.