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Privacy Policy

Data privacy is very important to us and because we value you and your information our privacy policy is designed in a manner where you are protected. We do not intend to sale any of your data to any third party out there. Our purposes for collecting your data are as follows:

  • ·         To maintain our customer data base.
  • ·         To keep track of our customer order shipment.
  • ·         To recommend our customers items of interest when they are browsing our website.
  • ·         To notify our customers regarding new blog post publications.
  • ·         To notify our customers regarding new items availability.
  • ·         To notify our customers regarding new sales.
  • ·         To send our customers newsletters if they have subscribed to our newsletter subscription.

We follow all required data privacy legislation. We are aware of the magnitude of our client activity and we make sure at our end that all data being stored on our website is in accordance with the law of the country from which the our customer is shopping from. We do not support the selling of data to any third party without the consent from our customers. The only data requested from the user is the essential data that can help us keep track of user activity on our website. The data that we request and store on our database is as follows:

  • ·         Name
  • ·         Password for the user account
  • ·         Email
  • ·         Phone Number
  • ·         Preferred Payment Method
  • ·         Security Question

We do not store any credit/debit care details of any of our customers. These details and payment tractions are secured by third party e-payment vendors. We only store their preferred payment method. Preferred payment method is a feature that only ask the customer how would they like to pay for their order, with their cash or with their card. This is the only information that it stores, it does not store any credit or debit card information.