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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our terms and condition page. The terms and condition entails all the rules that governs all of your interactions with Buy Jackets Online, these terms and condition include all aspects of your shopping. When registration with us, you are giving us your written and verbal consent that you will be following all of the rules provided within our terms and conditions agreement. You will also abide by the agreements between you as a user and Leather Apparel as a retailer. Any action done on your part that is in violation with the terms and condition agreement can cause legal actions and lawsuit. The following points are what our terms and condition agreement is made of. Please read them carefully, if any further explanation is required you can always contact as at

Copyright & Trademarks

All website content, including but not limited to products design, content design, website layout design, product pictures, blog posts and newsletter content and design belongs to Buy Jackets Online, any copying, re publishing or reuse of the above mentioned items is not allowed and if any such case is found strict legal action will be taken against the individual found in violation of the agreement.

Internet Regulations

Without being provided any explicit permission from Buy Jackets Online, using in some part or in any way, shape or form of any written content found on the Buy Jackets Online website into other programs being hosted anywhere else is in complete violation according to our term and condition policy and will require a strict legal action.

Terms of Sale

Once registration or any shopping activity is established between the user and Buy Jackets Online, the following terms and conditions are in immediate action and the user is considered to have given consent to agreement of these terms and conditions for the terms of sales between the buyer and the retailer Leather Apparel. The following conditions are the entirety of the terms of sale agreement.

·     Once the customer has registered with us and has bought items from us, their information is kept in our customer database. This information is retained within our database as long as the customer is a registered user on our website. Once the customer deletes their user accounts, this data is also deleted from our records.

·     Our online payments will be secured by third party e-payment security products. We allow only trusted e-payment vendor options like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

·      All orders will be delivered within the provided time limit of 3-6 business days. However expectations can happen and if the order is delayed by the courier for any external reason, the extra fee required by the courier will be the courier’s responsibility and/or the customer’s responsibility.

We at Leather Apparel reveres the right to cancel any order for any reason if we find the origin of the order unfit or violating any of the above mentioned conditions.

Your account registration with us is a conformation of your consent to the terms and condition agreement.