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Women's Suede Jacket for the Perfect Transitional Piece

Women's suede jackets are an amazing complement to any wardrobe—they're incredibly comfy as well as effortlessly beautiful. Our fine suede leather jackets for women are crafted from genuine leather, and as they mature like fine wine, they become an invaluable addition to your winter wardrobe. Our artisans' deft and painstaking labor is evident in the quality and construction of the jackets, making them impossible to dispute.

Women’s Suede Jackets: Type of Leather and Finishing

Two exquisite varieties of vintage suede leather for women are used in the collection; one is a little bit more durable and substantial than the other. These leather varieties have been finished with suede to increase their longevity and toughness. Suede is softer than other finishing materials, making it perfect for semi-formal to casual environments. The winter collection features suede coats for both men and women, each with a viscose inner that has been quilted. This particular inner lining contributes to the jacket's smooth and opulent feel and is breathable. Regarding fastening, the jackets come with a zipper and some additionally feature a wind flap. The jacket's traditional stitching, trimming, and furnishing give the outerwear a feeling of universality. Our ladies' suede jacket collection features a variety of collar styles for each garment. Thus, among many other things, you can get suede shirt jackets for women, varsity-style collars, rib fabric, and single snap buttons. There are three types of cuffs that you can choose from: rib knit, snap button, and zipper. The grungy zipper looks great with a geometric design.

Style and Design in Suede Jackets for Women

Every women's suede jacket in the collection is exceptional and exquisitely created, from the accent pieces to the silhouettes and hems. While some have a more sophisticated and country feel, others are more urban and avant-garde. There are many different types of women’s long suede jackets, including suede motorcycle jackets, leather biker jackets, tan, fringe, western, vintage, sherpa-lined, navy, cropped, camel, suede bomber jackets for women, etc. In addition, business-appropriate suede leather blazers for women are a great option. The women's leather and real suede jacket line also features gussets, shoulder epaulets, detachable belts, and coats with quilted shoulders. In order to provide you with adaptability without sacrificing comfort or design, our craftsmen have worked extremely hard on the jackets, as these extra features demonstrate. In terms of storage, the jackets' four connected pockets enhance their usefulness.

Women’s Suede Jackets with Endless Options

Because of the exceptional craftsmen's pure genius, the patchwork is done so beautifully that each jacket has a subtle yet unique appearance. It's not like you have to limit yourself to the collection's brown suede jacket for women when it comes to color selection. There are several options available when it comes to suede jackets. We provide custom-made suede jackets for women so you can create the suede jacket of your dreams. Use our made-to-measure and bespoke services to add artwork or other decorations to the outerwear for a more unique look. You can speak with our in-house stylist one-on-one about threadwork or jacket hardware.